Strategic Planning

Strategy decisions are inherently complex because they are multi-tiered and interdependent. They are influenced by growth, competition, suppliers, changing technology, and consumer demands, to name a few.  We have studied best-practice companies to identify attributes that have contributed to their success.  We use these insights, in combination with our own experiences, to help clients refine their strategic planning processes and make the best decisions in today’s uncertain and rapidly changing environment.
Bristol Consulting Group can partner with you to achieve greater return in the following areas:

IT Governance and Portfolio Management

  • Establishing an executive-level project assessment/review process. Your management team will gain insight into entire project and program inventory – with visibility to both new and on-going projects.
  • Developing disciplined communication and feedback loops - designed to ensure progress, while allowing flexibility to adjust with changes within the organization or by external factors.
  • Unifying departments by involving business, technology teams, and stakeholders - all program/project outcomes should match their needs and institutional goals.
  • Ensure project dollars spent yield the greatest strategic benefit.

Project Prioritization

  • Disciplined/objective prioritization of projects by establishing a neutral/un-biased review process (mitigating the effects of "politics").
  • Validating that the "right" projects are being executed and identifying (and stopping) low-value projects. 
  • Optimizing the use of available resources when there are competing organizational needs.

Feasibility/ROI Assessments

  • Determining project cost (dollars/resources/time), risk, and return so they can be balanced against all other competing projects.

Converting Strategy into Action

  • Building the implementation bridge between strategy and operations to deliver products on time, within budget, and to achieve expected results.
  • Align process with company culture (control, collaboration, cultivation, competence).
  • Build maturation toward effective delivery model: "strategize, plan, implement, and operate".