Project Management

Organizations are facing increasingly complex projects, with reduced resources and time-critical deliverables.  Project management is our specialty - effectively executing solutions, while maximizing quality and managing costs.  A primary objective of Bristol Consulting Group is to support your organizations ability to consistently, predictably, and reliably convert strategic intentions into positive business results.

We have experience (and credentials) working with text-book project management methodologies (formal SDLC, RUP, Agile, waterfall, etc.) – but we have found the “best practice” is always to adapt the concepts to your organizational culture. 

Some areas where we have served our clients include:

Managing Complex Programs and Projects

At Bristol, we tailor our approach to the specific client need.  Our senior consultants have a strong business-based understanding of IT and are effective at assessing and quickly partnering with client staff from initiation of a new project to resuscitation of a project that has run into problems. 

  • Evaluating whether delivery (user/customer) expectations are aligned – “what will be delivered by when”.
  • Flushing out interdependencies, areas of uncertainty, and exceptions so that the planning and decisions are comprehensive. 
  • Understanding assumptions and constraints that will affect the project delivery.
  • Mitigating the risks by strong foundational initiation and planning processes.
  • Establishing specific, timely communication and control mechanisms that ensure adjustments to the program and/or projects are incorporated throughout the lifecycle.
  • Managing the project (or coaching your staff who are managing the project) to deliver results.

Expanding Your Bandwidth

Sometime it is simply a matter of having more to get done than your existing staff can effectively deliver. 

  • We are adept at engaging quickly and seamlessly, partnering with your internal teams.
  • If you have existing project management processes we will adapt to them, and if you don’t we will subtly draw out strengths and mitigate weaknesses to develop “best practices” that work for your organization. 
  • It is our goal to not only deliver projects, but to leave your organization foundationally stronger in their execution techniques for future projects.

Developing/Refining PM Methodology

We can identify knowledge gaps within your various departments and train/coach individuals or teams in the discipline of project management.  Different focus may be placed on:

  • Initialization (establishing/locking down scope, ensuring roles/responsibilities are defined, adequate project sponsorship),
  • Delivery-identifying tasks, tracking interdependencies, managing changes in plan and/or resource allocation, managing risk, contingency planning
  • Follow-up: post “go-live” support, problem tracking & resolution,
  • Cross-functional standardization:  the organizational whole will benefit by standard processes…common expectations, common modes/means of communication, etc.

Change Management

When introducing a new technology or process, it's critical to do it in partnership with the teams already in place. That's why we help guide our clients through any learning curve, get buy-in internally and provide a seamless transition. We've learned that the route to sustained success is to ensure everyone is involved in the solution, and accountable for the results.