Technology Optimization

The technology infrastructure inside organizations will directly impact the effectiveness of the operational units.  At Bristol Consulting, we excel in the evaluation of existing systems to ensure that:

  • The software is capturing required data 
  • Processes are aligned with data (entry of information, screen collection, reporting/tracking) 
  • The flow of information is integrated end-to-end
  • That users can access information easily and do their work more efficiently

A few specific services we’ve provided: 

System/Software Assessment and Selection

Organizations make technology purchases every day, often without as much diligence as they'd like. In a pragmatic and unbiased fashion, we can effectively identify a range of available solutions based on your requirements, manage evaluations and user feedback, support your procurement procedures and assist in the implementation of the chosen product.

  • Soliciting and documenting formal user requirements
  • Developing RFI’s and RFP’s
  • Establishing neutral evaluation methods and score-sheets
  • Providing quantitative comparison metrics to ensure best selection
System/Software Implementations, Integrations, and Conversions

With the rapid pace of growth and change, organizations frequently find themselves with multiple systems performing the same function.  A desire to streamline technology, improve data integrity, and capitalize on “economies of scale” (i.e.: reduced operating costs), leads to a convergence strategy.  However, effectively reducing the IT infrastructure to the “best of breed” go-forward systems is a complex, time and resource intensive project.  We have met nearly every type of operational, financial, and personnel challenge while helping sort through implementation and migration complexities.  Because we have held positions similar to yours, we know firsthand what challenges you face, what concerns need to be addressed, and what results are expected.  We can partner with you to apply best practices and help your organization meet its’ objectives by:

  • Establishment of Requirements
  • Managing Internal & External Customer Specifications
  • Managing Cross-functional competing team deadlines
  • Historic Data Conversions
  • Scalability of the “go forward architecture”
  • Data Reconciliation
  • Maintaining Service Levels During Transition
  • Reporting
  • Risk & Contingency Planning
Call/Contact Center Performance

Call/Contact Centers are the "face" of the company to customers, partners, and clients. Information is received into call centers and disseminated from a variety of information portals (telephonic, IVR, web, written correspondence, face-to-face). The effective, efficient delivery of service is paramount … optimizing costs respective to service return and business goals. We can help ensure that:

  • Processes are defined to deliver excellent quality - reliably and quickly
  • Technology is well integrated
  • Standards are documented and agents are informed/trained in their use
  • Business objectives are defined and the call center processes are aligned to achieve results
  • Accurate measurement tools are in place to achieve consistent high performance